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Friday, February 21, 2014

Who do I hate?

I was told by a medium that I will lead a happy life,
Despite of my past, i braved on to find a new lease of life,
however i was told deep within my heart I still hate someone,
Can't figure out who, I am contented with my life.

Perhaps it's my ex wife,
I don"t hate her, for I have lost all feelings for her,
but one thing that makes me mad
Her dirty infidelity practiced right for my children to see

I know why I go shooting often,
For the target was your face, and I shot a perfect hit
bang bang, those 9s hitting your face,
Either I shoot you on the face of cut you with a 6 inch blade

Those are the ideals in my world
for the court shows no justice what you have done to me,
Street justice is what you deserve, along with your male dog that you slept with
You believed in him with all his bullshit?

Use your brain,
How can he apply for so many credit cards when he doesn't have a regular paycheck,
I know he asked his lawyer friend to draft a letter to my sister in retaliation
You've been had, you think what you have is love?
9 years we've been married , I'll kiss you goodnight,
I treated you like a queen , but you planned to execute you evil plan the moment I am back,
You're an evil vixen, that's all I can say,
You'll meet your fate one day.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Find me an angel

Find me an angel
To fly with me
Find me an angel
Who would set me free
My heart is all  that I own
But I don't want to be alone
Gotta find me an angel, in my life....
In my life.......

Who would set me free,
From a lifetime of misery,
When I try to flex my wings open
But they are clipped unexpectedly

I am left on earth to roam its barren land
Unknowing east from west, I walked in circles
Until an angel appeared and grabbed my hand
Lead me up to the heavens above the skies

I feel like a brand new man
With an angel who lead me to happiness
She is my soulmate, often we roam freely above the skies
With her in my life, I would still fly when I die

--Dr Wan Chee Hung

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Time to hunt for a new car.

My mum use to tell me to mingle around with more people to get more knowledge. Yeah, I do know the ex Chief Minister of Kedah personally as he was my patient, I know the Chinese Datuk who is in charge of the ongoing building of our city's first MRT system, most of them are down to earth.
Whenever i park my car at work, I look at all the Audi's, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW's... and it made me wonder, when can I afford such cars.
And guess what I found out, non of these cars are bought from the dealer, means that they weren't bought brand new.
Most of them were reconditioned car, with 300% tax slashed!
For example. a half a million A6 Audi, selling over 500,000 is sold for only RM160k! I was like WHAT!!! Hey, I can afford that.
Then the cheaper less powerful A4.
Well of course they have a more family orientated hatchback.... ain't my style...
The Audi A1.
I've determined to own one sports car in this lifetime of mine. So, there are some affordable ones, model ranging from 2007-2012.
Mercedes AMG55 roadster.
the SL Class coupe...
SLK model seem to catch my attention.
The problem is, its only a 2 seater, but hey, I am single, and I don't plan to get married anyway.
Since I can't get a sports bike in this lifetime(my mum prohibits me from riding a bike in this lifetime) the Z800 still remains a dream.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Another day in "Paradise"

I will be doing double shift today. Yesterday though there were two doctors in a shift, but the number of patients kept on pouring in. No toilet break! No time for coffee, shit, felt like a houseman again while working in the government hospital. And the worst part was we do have some fussy ill tempered patient who couldn't wait and came in high on ICE and started shouting the F*** work at me. We wanted to hit me for no reason, well, I was hoping to as I will knock him down with one jab no the throat.
He won't see what hit him. He was cursing and shouting at me, till the security guard came in. I was hoping he would make his move on me, and I will make realize how it feels like to be hit by a locomotive.
I've knocked down a drunk 6 ft 2 indian gangster at the busy highway, as we was honking me to stop. I was so darn tired, so I gave him the "finger". Boy that agitated him! He overtook my car and swerved to block my way. I locked my car doors, and he came down and started shouting at me to come down from my car. I just ignored him and showed him the "finger" while he was acting like a heated baboon,kicking my car. I was ok, with that, until he started cursing my parents. The word like Cib**, Pu**, Lanci** spurted out from his mouth. I came down from my car, and he immediately grabbed me by my collar, squeezing and tightening my collar as he called me a smart ass. I apologized to him, but no, he continues to cursed my father whom i love and had passed away last June. "Lanci** bapak lu,lah, apa sorry sorry!
That set up my boiling point. Instinctively,  from a passive guy, I turn aggressive and with lighting speed I jab his nose with lighting speed, the next thing you know, he fell unconscious with blood spurting from his nostril. I caught him by surprise. I apologized, then WHAM! Broken nose, and lying on the floor unconscious. I was so pissed off when he cursed my dad. I used my feet and pushed him to the curb, protected by his Mercedes.
I simply adjusted my tie and and walked calmly back to my car, and drove off. What a Fu**er! Think he's a thug, wearing thick Gold chain, probably some indian gangster, trying to intimidate me. Luckily i've been punching my mannequin a few hundred times a day, with increasing speed. Just like Jeet Kune Do, you do not block then attack. You block and attack simultaneously. Many passerby slowed down to see what happened, but clearly they knew what was going on.
Anyway, enough of that. I am feeling rather melancholic today. Probably because I am anticipating a huge crowd later on during the day.
First things first.... I NEED MY CUP OF HOT JOE.
 No another better way to start a day.
And guess what, for my birthday, what did I get from the hospital management? A 1600ml water tumbler.
Better than nothing lah, hor?
Anyway, I am tired of typing and for quite a while now being down with a writer's block.  So, here's my video instead.

Alrighty then. Better get going now. Talk to you guys later.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Beautiful Sunday Morning.....

Woke up this morning at 5.30am. First thing's first, I popped in 4 capsules of Co Enzyme Q10, and 4 capsules of multivitamins,Pharmaton to stay alert for my 14 hours shift today. Went to shower with ENTHUSIASM! Played Maroon 5's Sunday Morning while showering to psyche myself up......because its SUNDAY MORNING!!!!!!
Follow my Katy Perry's Fireworks, and Teenage Dream..... influenced by my dearest daughter Isabelle.
Since it's Sunday morning, there's hardly any traffic. So it took me just 5 minutes to reach the hospital
I particularly love Fireworks and Teenage Dream. It reminds me to live life to its fullest and enjoy every moment no matter good or bad.
Normally, I'll have problem waking up at 5.30am for my morning shift. Trouble sleeping, hence trouble waking up.
I got so desperate that I activated the alarm in my phone at 4 times.
To make sure I am really awake, I instructed the hospital phone operator to give me a wake up call... hihi... I think I am the only doctor in the hospital who does that.
It was a beautiful start for the day(realize why I didn't write a start of a beautiful day instead?.. because working in Accident and Emergency, at any time, hell breaks loose.
I arrived at the hospital 15 minutes before 7, and chatted with my colleague who did the night shift. He mentioned it was a busy "crazy" night!
After a while, he left, I switched on my computer to check for mail, then I realized something. I should start blogging again.  Then I took out my secret stash of real super duper tasty joe.
Instant hi!
And since there wasn't any patient when I arrived. I switched on the computer, and decided to blog as the day goes by. Soon, within three hours..... I am down to my last sachet of ecstasy, my coffee....
 Should I? Shouldn't I? .......
I should......
And if three cups of coffee isn't strong enough, I took 3 of each of these babies!
Doctors can be me. You really can't help it, but when you encounter 30 over years old patient with heart attack, you tend to reflect upon yourself. Don't believe me?
This angiogram belongs to a 36 years old Chinese man who is fit and plays badminton everyday....
But photos never lie..
Sorry, name has to be censored. The red arrows points out the origin of one of the three main branch of artery supplying the heart with oxygen. The one of the left was before the angioplasty was done, and the one on the right, after. The long red line on the left photo represents the blocked artery.
I am like a walking pharmacy...
These are some of the medicine I carry in my bag whenever I go.
I recently gave my sublingual Nitroglycerine puff to my mum.
Anyway, as I was enjoying my cup of coffee and reading the latest news online, my first patient came..
Soon, one by one, patients started streaming in as if there's no where else to go in KL on a weekend.
My admission rate was like 90%!
By 12pm....that's 5 hours after the start of my shift, my list of patients admitted has filled up 75% of the page of the log book.
I was so frantic that I don't even realized blood stains on my kicks, probably got there while trying to draw blood from patient.
Now, a clearer picture!
My RM400+ shoes got stained!!!! arrrgghhh......
hmmm... what else?
Arrrgghhhh just realized that Iphone 5s and 5c is out! These technologies evolves so fast, that within 6 weeks of purchasing my iphone 5, 5S and 5C came out.

Wait a sec......arrggghhhhh
The charger for my iphone is tearing up.... Is it a sign???? yeah... to get a new charger.
arrgghhh! it's just 4.30! 5 more hours to go! I guess This Beautiful Sunday should be named Mundane Sunday instead.
Oh, my God! What's wrong with me? Too many patients complain, when there's no patient also complain.
Man, I am bored.... I think I should get some air.....but first............
The funny thing is, to me, the doctor's car park is the most inspiring place within the hospital vicinity.
Why? Just look at the range of exotic cars own by these money churning doctors.....
Normally it will be fully parked, but since today is a weekend.....
 Only those who are on calls are here......

Here's a panoramic view of the car park.
On weekdays, we have a whole range of expensive cars.....
Ranging from the locally made Perdana V6
 to the exotic Aston Martin
 Some fools driving Bentleys
 Many prefers the Beemer
 as well as.....
 a few new and old Honda
  a few Hyundai Sonata, Tucson
 Someone owns a RX 8
 a few Toyotas
 very few Volvos
 and some speedster drives Mitsubishi Evolution 10
It's drizzling....and it's cold...... and I am bored.....
I am just going to end this post as I sense it's absence in direction to what I am writing about. These four wall really makes my mind mundane.
Thought the day that started with a bang, would continue to excited throughout the day.....

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A new life.....

"God made you fall, so that you can learn to climb up and start walking again."- Batman Begins
Let the Lord judge the criminals-- Tupac Amaru Shakur.
"Mother Earth does not flourish base only with bright sunshine, colourful rainbows, soul smoothing winds, but along with thunderstorms and lightning, natural calamities like tsunami, volcanoes..."
    --- the late MR Wan Wai Mun
 These are few of many heroes in me to carry on with my life with positivity.
My life was dark and I couldn't live no more,
Come back from work to a house that's dark, all alone, my heart was sore,
Never knew how am I supposed to live like this,
There's no meaning to this life that I am  living in,
For how long am I going to last,?
Until when would I see the silver lining,
 that would change the course of my life?....
                                                                            ---- Dr Wan C.Hung

Last week, I drove down to Johor with some friend for a break, we've dared ourselves to go to an unknown place, and stay there for several days. After crossing the Johor state Johor, we exit from the highway though the Desaru tool. Something tells us after crossing this unique looking bridge, our life would change with new experience in life.
 I looked up in the net and found another photo taken. Luckily I brought along my DSLR camera, but found out that my multipurpose lens was spoils. I can't zoom the lens, the mechanism within the lens is broken.
No one ever builds such majestic looking bridge for no reason. This reminds me of the movie Thor where the bridge at the planet Asguard.

Adventure, here we come. We crossed the Desaru toll, and soon found ourselves in a fishing community in Kota Tinggi. 
Desaru Toll.
This small town reminds me of my childhood while I was back in Kulim. Huge land with small towns scattered around. Everyone knows each other in these towns. Just like Padang Serai or Sungai Karangan back home in Kedah. 
I can't find the photo of Sungai Karangan, but this is the modernized version after 15 years I've left the place.
We ventured on until we reached another isolated place called Sungai Kapal. Everything in Sungai Kapal in really down to the basic. Simple small town with everyone knowing each other. 
 One thing I've noticed about this town, there were many Vietnamese here. I was having breakfast in one of the shop lot, and I saw this beautiful Vietnamese girl and melts my heart. I snapped a picture of her and her mother while they were working. 
We spoke for a while, and I realized despite her beauty, she is humble, hard working, and simple. Then I realized seeing her, I knew I am able to open my heard to start a new life again, to learn to love again. We spoke for a while and told her I am from KL, and as a sign of hospitality, she gave me plenty of fruits and local Vietnamese tit bits. We exchange our phone number and hope to call her when I plan to go to Johor again. 
Indeed, times is the greatest healer... I am convinced now. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Trying out new things in life. Never say never..

Compared to previous months and the months before, I would say i am about 60-65% back to my positive self. BUT , from time to time, whenever i think  about my dad and my three children, I would burst into tears. I would still sob inconsolably just to release the penned up feeling within me, that by now is embedded in the depth of my subconscious mind.
I remember my late spiritual Guru use to say, God will test those whom He love more by throwing them with challenging, even life changing scenarios to make sure they past the test in order to qualify to sit next to him in the Kingdom of  Heaven.. 
Truly, my childhood was a stark contrast from my current situation. I was raised like a prince, with a driver, 2 maids, 2 gardeners, and a driver/bodyguard.
Just a couple months back, i was driven to madness, and depression that I nearly took my own life.
But thanks to Isabelle, who introduced me to Katy Perry, I like one particular song from her album, called Firework.
My life took a dramatic change, and I wanted to document it.
Whether should I write a book about it, which i am in the process, OR... write a movie script based on my life which is far more interesting to write. It doesn't matter if it'll make it to the silver screen, but i actually enjoy writing it. I remember the incidence on that particular time as I write. Often, I would cry while writing, then I knew I was writing a genuine story and it has to be heartfelt.
I love watching movie. I've never appreciate the art of movie making, how the camera shots are angled, to zoom in to actors face to emphasize on their emotions, the effect of sounds, and narration. All taken for granted, and now, I have to watch several music, and learn when to cut to other scenes, how the emotions and emphasized, how the twist to the story to keep the patient on their seats.
I have a good story, but writing a script is something totally new to me. I struggled at first, but hey, all hollywood screenwriter had to begin somewhere, right.
It was was certainly daunting and intimating at first, but I don't care. Chances of making to the next level by scripts readers is one in a million, and being chosen to be made into a movie is perhaps one in an trillion. But at long as there is opportunity, as long as there's no zero changes, I would still go for it.
I had to make it interesting that the first scene took me about 1 month to complete, and it's just 10 percent of the entire story. I need to be in the zone to write the story... and make it interesting.
So never say never, if you attempt, there is a minute chance that you'll get selected and reviewed, but if you don't attempt at all, you have absolutely no chance.
To achieve a big dream, we start with small steps. So, here I am.
    I write and upon completion, I would read the write up again to make sure there's no error and make minor adjustments. I write while at work when there's no patient, I write at home when I am free, I write whenever I am having breakfast in Mcdonalds.
I carry my laptop wherever I go.
I was crying write writing this part of the script. Because it actually happened.
I am going to write my entire ordeal as I had experienced in real life. I entitled the script "My Life- a true story."
It going to take a long time to make this script perfect. Please wish me all the best...