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Monday, June 16, 2008

Punca rusuhan perkauman

I am a Chinese who was born in Penang and brought up in Kedah, a state where kinship and brotherhood is not based upon the colour of your skin, where Malay, Chinese, and Indians live together in a harmonious environment. It doesn't matter what race we were. We breathe the same air, drank the same water, where diversity of race with assimilated culture makes our community unique.
I remember my dad's best friend, from his first day working for East Asiatic Company, till the day he retired IS a Malay, and his son IS my best friend.
We visit each other's house every single day. I remember how excited I was upon hearing that uncle Hussein, auntie Norma, with his son Haslan ( now a songwriter) wound be coming over to our place in the evenings after work.
Haslan and I would share toys, exchanging stories, while the men play tennis.
My primary school was Sekolah Kebangsaan Tunku Abdul Malik, and I belonged to the first batch of KBSR, then KBSM during secondary school in Sultan Badlishah,Kulim.
The subject of history emphasized on unity, on how a country rich in cultural and racial diversity unite to form Malayan Union, on how Independence of Malaya was achieved, the day Tun Abdul Rahman chanted "Merdeka" in Stadium Negara back in 1957, which marked the beginning of a sovereignty of Malaya. I wasn't aware of such word as "Ultra Melayu". In fact, I believe based upon history, Tun enjoyed Poker and that he had once won a game by a straight flush and the cards were framed and place on display. I am not saying that Tun was a gambler, but merely to make a point that men are all alike. We have no control on what race we were born into, but i do strongly believe God made men in diverse manner in order to experience the beauty of cultural difference.
Imagine, men and women, all alike, then there is nothing to explore, no appreciation of friendship and kinship.
It never really occur to me the reason behind May 13 incidence, why the brutality amongst brothers that once celebrated independence, that we have the ability to carry on as ONE nation.
I do at times find myself wondering if Tun Mahathir is suffering from Schizophrenia , where he would one time boast to the world that Malaysia's unique in the form of harmonious living despite racial and cultural difference, where he stood on the podium crying his heart out on live TV during UMNO general meeting on how he has failed to change the Malay mentality...... and then his infamous book, "The Malay Dilemma" which was once banned. (but i have a copy of it)
during the early 80's, he was labeled as Ultra Melayu for his pro Malay ideology, which won the support of the country's majority and became the 4th PM.
I appreciate the 22 years of 8% economy growth per annum, and putting Malaysia on the map with his ultra mega projects, like the first Malaysian made car(assembled only), Penang Bridge, the Petronas Twin Towel, Litaran F1, Kulim Hi Tech Park.
I was the proudest man for a while when i met Tun in a hotel lobby and shook his hand. I felt honoured. The man..who stood upon the UN podium back in 1986 and gave a speech and solution for eternal damnation on drugs.
I was proud of the man.. who share the wits of great leaders in the world (which some may think otherwise), eg, Fidel Castro, Yasser Arafat(PLO!!!!PLO!!!!) making good friends with enemies of superpowers from the west.
Then the recent speech delivered in Teluk Intan that gave me a real shocker. Tun is playing the racial card again.

"orang Melayu mempunyai hak untuk menuntut sebahagian dari kekayaan negara, tanpa perlu mengambil hak orang lain."

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Tun Mahathir wira Negara,
Masih wira? Tun dengarlah suara rakyat jelata
Mengapa Tun suka berceramah
selalu memainkan peranan Melayu Ultra
Sebagai PM sesudah lamanya,
masih belum puaskah?

Ceramah Tun di Teluk Intan
Perik hatijku pabila Tun berkata
Hak Melayu mesti dijaga
Rakyat Melayu tertinggal arus kejayaan
adakah ia sebab orang cina dan India

Bukalah mata, bukalah minda
Tun Mahathir sesudah terpesong ideologimu
Malaysia berbilang bangsa
Sudahlah ucapanmu bagaikan batu api
kucar kacir rakyat jelata mendengar ceramah anda

Mengapa kita diajar sejarah
untuk memupuk rakyat sebagai satu bangsa
tetapi kini, kucar kacir masih ada
Ceramahmu, Tun, bagaikan propaganda

Anda tertuduh menyalahkan kuasa
sehingga Mahkamah Tinggi Tun berbelik berkata
sampai nak blackmail hakim negara?
Apakah terjadi Tun yang disanjungi
mengapa menjadi begini?

Bertahun lamanya Bapa Negara
Bersusah payah menyatukan satu Negara
RukunNegara saya lafaskan setiap hari di sekolah
Bertahun lamanya falsafah kita teguh bersatu
Tapi ceramahmu hanya membarakan api
yang berbilang bangsa


  1. I believe all politicans set different tones at different agendas...So there's no suprise to me...We live in a delicate country and its imprortant to remember that all of us no matter what of what race only want peace and prosperity..and we all love our country..This is our home...

    By the way good Post..Keep it up!!

  2. When i was in secondary school, I had lots of friends from other races. But once I went to uni all the students flock according to their own racial groups. How sad...

  3. I felt the "colour politics" while working in with the Government. I simply cannot tolerate such unjust actions.
    I once got into trouble by the Director of GHKL for writing to the Ministry of Health and Star Newspaper about the air condition malfunction in the operating theater that lasted 4 years.
    Back in Rancangan Malaysia ke 9, they allotted 500RM million where 250million for repairing old wards and buying new equipment, while the other 250million to be spent on the already luxurious looking and comfortable offices!!! What the hell?