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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pray for Better Days..

Living life like there's no tomorrow,
what's the use existing in sorrow
Constantly praying hard for Better Days
See through me if life through Better Ways

Life's never escapin' from touch of the devil
Devil and angel constantly in battle
I was once lost, but now I've found
Through You Lord, my knees on the ground

Facing demons,addicted to hearing victim screaming
I was told to be evil since birth, result from cursed fathers
   Guess now even our birthdays are cursed days
    Born in life filled with pain, in the worst ways.

Witnessed too many deaths, had too many tears,
Just heard of another passed on, we were like brothers,
Attended the funeral and saw the family, what can I say,
Keep your head up, never stop praying for Better Days...

Thinking back as a child, who would have guessed,
That in not too distant future, I'll be stressin'
Faced with demon's play everyday
Tempting me to sway in every way.

Gotta stay focused now, its hard to be optimistic,
When you see yourself lying dead on the ground twisted
Lord I'm down on my knee praying
To guide me in my ways till I ceased breathing

Is death and suffering part of your plan
why curse our birthdays when it's not our own ways
Tears of blood flows down my cheek
While I pray to you with my clasped digits

Lord,please hold my hand and lead me the way,
Till I cease to exist and forever in Better Days
Give me Golden Wings to soar the Heavens
Safe me a place in Your Heavenly Mansion.

This poem is written in spontaneity in memories of the people whom I know who had passed away recently. 

1 comment:

  1. Dear Wan,
    looking for pictures to illustrate a powor point presentation for my performance next sunday in my church, I found your blog.
    Yes, I'm now in a period of looking out for better days, so this poem is very encouraging me.
    Since a couple of months I'm praying for Kuala Lumpur too, in my daily prayers for Indonesia. How wonderfull that God answers and confirms me in this way that I keep on praying for Kuala Lumpur. I've ever been there for applying a visum at the Indonesian embassy.
    I'm living in Bandung since I'm retired from the Dutch Airforce.
    Well maybe one day we will meet eachother. At least when we will reunite when Jesus will return and gather us for the Great Meal in heaven. Halleluyah.
    May God bless you and your family, brothers and sisters Wan.
    Oh, b.t.w. my wife is Cu Cien Siang,an Indo Chinese woman.
    GBU my brother.
    Sijim(James Jurhill)