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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Everyone who knows me since a kid would understand the passion I have for military. I had an entire set of little green men( plastic cast soldiers)
Right up to the age where I actually dreamed about joining the army.....and imagine myself performing clandestine operations, having the license to kill, to go where no ordinary man goes. Like the Navy Seals.
 My passion never faded as I grew up. I started collecting expensive military doll, real life war movies, bought books on weaponry and special forces, etc..etc...
I thought my dream of firing an automatic weapons goes down the drain when I got married and became a doctor, well, at least I am an active member of a local shooting club.
Then it all changed when I met Sony. She made my dreams came true..................I have been thinking about Sony for a while, but since I was still married then, I can't have another in my life.
Wait.... you think Sony is a person?..... Hell No!!!!!!
I am talking about Sony Playstation 3!
The first 4 games that I bought was
1.Call of Duty 3. Modern Warfare.
2. V2 Sniper Elite
3. Call of Duty 4
4. Call of Duty. Black Ops
The first game I played was Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Imagine the surreal surround sound near realistic images on your 40 inch LED Smart TV. There is yet a word ever created to describe how I felt at the moment.. All that I can show you was what I saw while playing the game....
You HALO jump into area behind enemy line to conduct your mission.
The variety of weaponry is definitely something to drool for.
That's you carrying a G3 pounding into enemy territory.
Escape by capturing a Soviet Hind, and use their firepower against their red arses...
Your mission takes you to other part of the world, in this, Nairobi.
You and a small group of Elite soldiers fight against a platoon of Ultra modern, cyborg like, lean, mean, killing machine.
My personal favorite, instead of head on face to face full scale confrontation like foot soldiers, I prefer the sneaky, adaptable,smart, war tested sniper role.
Which is why I bought this game.....V2 Sniper Elite.
Though this game is based upon WW2, it's realistic animation is most tantalizing. Now let me show you what I mean by that....
You are a lonewolf, carrying out a mission, if found out, your government will totally deny their involvement, but when a mission is won, there ain't a celebration, except for a pat at the shoulder.
I have yet to start playing Call of Duty Black Ops.
You carry out the most dangerous missions, perhaps even officially unsanctioned missions to have absolute total deniability when you get caught, so.... don't get caught.

The best part about Call of Duty 4 is that it can be played in 3D mode, which so happens that my 2d screen can be switched to 3d mode!!!! Damn!!!!!
My TV enables me to surf the net, watch youtube, check out the latest news online, shop online, facebook, and much more.
This is how my new life is like. I work hard, and play even harder. Hey, what to expect, I don't smoke, drink or womanize.

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